Hey, everyone!

The big extended demo update you've all be waiting for is finally here! You'll notice that the "demo" moniker in the version name has been dropped, but don't panic; it's still a demo.

Minigame view

Here's the changelog regarding this new update:

  • Introduces new minigame with scripting support.
  • Updates Python packages and dependencies.
  • Updates save thumbnails to chapter depictions.
  • Updates Discord Rich Presence to show chapter images.
  • Expands number of chapters to seven instead of three.
  • Includes new chapters (4-7).
  • Adds Fira character.
  • Redesigns help pages with new About tab and consolidated controls.
  • Adds new configuration for builds under-the-hood.
  • Introduces new "start game" screen with username input, language selection, and pronoun selection.
  • Resolves inventory state issues during rollback.
  • Streamlines user interface elements.
  • Changes monospace font from Fira Code to JetBrains Mono.
  • Bundles minigame API documentation.
  • Auto creates minigame level files in save directory.
  • Adds settings to toggle minigame advanced mode and animation speed.
  • Bundles CHANGELOG file with releases.
  • Re-implements credits scene with new code style (Kotlin-based).

I hope you enjoy this update as much as I did developing it. As always, if you find a potential bug, file it on YouTrack.

- Marquis