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Releasing a hotfix for v1.1.0-demo1

Written January 31, 2020

I'm releasing a quick (but important) hotfix of the feature update for the Unscripted Demo feature update (v1.1.0-demo1).

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First feature update for Unscripted Demo

Written January 27, 2020

I've released a new feature update for the Unscripted demo (v1.1.0-demo1) that brings some new improvements.

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Second bugfix for Unscripted demo

Written December 26, 2019

I've released another bug fix release of the demo to Unscripted today. This mostly is a continuation of fixing issues with inventory item duplications.

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A quick hot fix update for the demo

Written December 24, 2019

Thanks to all of those who got their hands on the demo! I've just released a quick patch update that fixes a couple of issues.

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