I've released another bug fix release of the demo to Unscripted today. This mostly is a continuation of fixing issues with inventory item duplications (UVN-33). The following should now be fixed:

  • When starting a new game after saving a game, the inventory should now clear itself in the beginning.
  • Rolling back and forth in a particular save will no longer re-run the item addition, causing duplicates.
  • The Inventory HUD is a lot cleaner now and doesn't open if you aren't carrying anything. (You can also toggle the E key to open and close it)

I hope this fixes all of the issues with the way inventories are implemented, but I'm on the lookout for anything else that crops up. As always, if you do find something fishy with the demo release, report it on YouTrack! You can do so from the main menu with the "Report a Bug" option or head to the website yourself:

Thanks, and I hope you all keep enjoying Unscripted!